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ARiD is a registered national policy advocacy NGO in Uganda   

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What Makes ARiD Different


ARiD is a development focused research organization which is distinctive in its commitment and approach to supporting humankind through evidence based intervention. Our current strengths rely primarily on:

  1. people-centred perspective on development : We engage the community on contemporary issues that affect them.
  2. integrated ways of working which combines research, training, advocacy and community outreach activities.
  3. multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary approaches which makes us your right partner in tackling the complex and multifaceted challenges of post-conflict development.
  4. unique contacts and network of partners which stretch from international, national and local civil society organizations to grassroots activists, governments, researchers, business sector and the media.
  5. reputable and credible staff: ARiD brings together committed and experienced satff with diverse skills  in peace and conflict management, law, agriculture, education, ICT, culture, environment, development policy and practice. Visit the links to our staff profiles for more information on each staff expertise.
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Building new alliances ARiD will continue to be active in building new and strategic alliances. This will also include strengthening the existing collaborations and partnerships.

ARiD, Nile Africa Development organization (NAD) and Brilliant Leaders in Bradford (BLB) at the annual Africa International Achievers award, Hilton Hotel, Bradford, UK (27 May 2011).  To learn more about Africa International Achievers’ Award, follow this link

Promoting Research ARiD -Africa will continue to use the research expertise of the staff in:
- Co-constructing knowledge and guiding public policy on contemporary issues
- Making research knowledge available and work
- Facilitating change in the community
Actors’ Engagement
ARiD Office, Pader.
We will engage in dynamic policy environments through strategic advocacies through:
- Strategic collaborations
- Online interaction on our website, blog and social networking sites
- Publishing policy papers
- Public dialogues and debates  - Organising and participating in seminars, workshops and conferences
Building institutional capacity ARiD believes in institutional capacity building that is fit for purpose. We shall invest in both infrastructural development and staff development programmes for the purpose of sustainability of our programmes.

ARiD filed offices

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We envision an empowered, peaceful, self-sustaining well informed and vibrant society in Sub-Saharan Africa. We envision having a world in which poverty is non-existent, social justice prevails and sustainable growth and development that promote human wellbeing exist.

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Our mission is to promote social justice through empowerment, evidence-based advocacy, participation of the marginalized, and networking for better service delivery.

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Northern Uganda Office: Obol Akal Rd., Pader Town Council - Box 17, Pader, Uganda .   Tel: +256  392 177242  - Cell: +256 772 329841                   E-mail: info@aridafrica.org
For more information, please call or e-mail:
Executive Director: Job Akuni - E-mail: job@aridafrica.org - Programs Coordinator: Ben Otto Adol - E-mail: ben@aridafrica.org