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ARiD is a registered national policy advocacy NGO in Uganda   

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Thank you for your interest in ARiD. We hope this general overview of our organisation is helpful in answering some of your questions about who…
ABOUT PADER DISTRICT ARiD currently supports the communities of Angole and Rackoko parishes in Awere sub-county, Pader district through strengthening their capacities in participatory governance and…
Our mission is to promote social justice through empowerment, evidence-based advocacy, participation of the marginalized, and networking for better service delivery.
We envision an empowered, peaceful, self-sustaining well informed and vibrant society in Sub-Saharan Africa. We envision having a world in which poverty is non-existent, social…

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Northern Uganda Office: Obol Akal Rd., Pader Town Council - Box 17, Pader, Uganda .   Tel: +256  392 177242  - Cell: +256 772 329841                   E-mail: info@aridafrica.org
For more information, please call or e-mail:
Executive Director: Job Akuni - E-mail: job@aridafrica.org - Programs Coordinator: Ben Otto Adol - E-mail: ben@aridafrica.org