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ARiD is a charity founded in 2010 with the aim of providing a platform for enhancing knowledge-based intervention for community transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our staff comprises of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced researchers and civil society experts with background in conflict, peace and development in the African context.
ARiD is a fully registered as a national NGO in Uganda with its National Registration No S5914/9433.
Our regional offices are located in Pader, northern Uganda.
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The main objectives for establishing ARiD include the following:

  • To conduct cutting-edge action oriented and policy advocacy interdisciplinary research on contemporary issues affecting humankind.
  • Provide community based life-skills trainings and educational support.
  • To offer technical support services to individuals, agencies and institutions/organizations through multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral demand driven consultancies
  • To promote community led income generating activities.
  • To advocate for protection of the rights and dignity of vulnerable people


How we aim to achieve the above objectives,


imageBy establishing a Community Research Centre Cutting-edge research requires a functional modern resource centre integrated with ICT. Our field offices in Pader district houses the Community Research Centre. We value the power of contemporary information sharing and knowledge generation for social transformation. We already have the infrastructure for the community Research Centre and is connected to the Pader town electricity grid. We welcome any form of support to boost the centre with basic and essential resource materials – journals, books, newsletters or computers.








Our Community Research Centre offers space and facilities for:

  • Community research and networking
  • Conducting short training courses
  • E-learning, e-business and e-governance
  • Conducting seminars, workshops and round table discussions
  • Social space for community activities (meetings, social gatherings and consultations, etc.)

imageBy providing strategic training and education to the community We aim to provide strategic trainings to community on general life skills. All announcements regarding short training programs will be available on print and electronic media.










Keep checking our websites regularly and our news bulletin board at the ARiD head offices for current updates.


imageWe support women groups in boosting their household livelihoods and incomes in two sub-counties in Pader district.









imageWe participate in public dialogues, debates, seminars and workshops on topical matters affecting the communitytext}
imageWe conduct policy relevant research on contemporary issues in conflict, peace and development 


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Northern Uganda Office: Obol Akal Rd., Pader Town Council - Box 17, Pader, Uganda .   Tel: +256  392 177242  - Cell: +256 772 329841                   E-mail: info@aridafrica.org
For more information, please call or e-mail:
Executive Director: Job Akuni - E-mail: job@aridafrica.org - Programs Coordinator: Ben Otto Adol - E-mail: ben@aridafrica.org