Research programmes

The overall aim of ARiD research programme is to make research knowledge easily available to facilitate social change. Our research takes place both as part of our social action programmes, and on various themes. ARiD’s research is contextually oriented and always carried out in cooperation with other partners. We value rigor in scientific research.

Our research programmes focus on the following broad thematic areas:

  • 1
    Conflict, peace and development in Africa
  • 2
    Environmental and water resource governance
  • 3
    Human rights and economic justice
  • 4
    Governance in Africa
  • 5
    Human rights and the rule of law
  • 6
    Sustainable livelihood in rural community
  • 7

    Gender and society

    Accomplished research projects: Click here.

    On-going research project: A Longitudinal Study on the Effect of Income Generating Activity support on Education and Protection Outcomes for Children from Child Headed Households in Northern Uganda (2013-2015). Sponsor: War Child UK.

Community Research Centre Project

ARiD’s Community Research Centre is the first Centre to be set up in northern Uganda. In order to support our research work, the Centre will be equipped with modern ICT equipment and essential library materials and periodicals. For the Centre to be fully operational, it requires computers, computer furniture, bookshelves, books and other library materials.